Dec 27, 2010

When i ask Zint~

Huhuh...sedikit biodata tentang Zint~ (Gempakstarz™)
kelakar gak bila tanya dia  ni~

Sedikit pasal Zint~

FullName:  Zint ??     (dunno knp dia jawap camni...Ni Korang cari la sendiri~..haha)
Age:   34
Date of Birth:   16/02/1976 
Position at Gempakstarz:  Comic artist

Sedikit soalan utk Zint...(x bagi byk2..kang dia gigit pla PC dia tuu)

Q:When you start drawing cartoon?
A:17 year old after reading cityhunter by
    Tsukasa Hojo.

Q:What music instrument tht u can play?
A: guitar, bass, drum but not to well.

Q:How can u join Gempakstarz?
A: i use to send my artwork to every 
    publisher just received call by gempakstarz.

Q: Your 1st Comic?
A: davedevil in 1998.

Q:  YOur 1st Novel graphic?
Under18- Zint 1st novel graphic

Q: What award (what year) that you have?
A: Malaysia mandarin comic society award 2009 that all.

Q: What your ambition (now)?
A: superman so i can draw my comic even faster.
yaa...u slow~~hehe :P ...cepat2..ramai lagi tengah berbaris..

Q: Target for 2011? 
A:hope more people support local comic.

Q: Any word for your fans??
A:        Thankz for making me as a comic 
            artist hope i can die for it, if u want
            me die ,just keep ask more then i
             will die easy.   (kahkah....soalan sikit je ni.adoiyai Zint XD)

sian dia...bru 13 soalan ..hehehe
Zint~ chaiiyook.. dont givUp~ make more comic for us~
Zint's blog :

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