Oct 30, 2010

Making Your own Ragnarok Online Starter

Specially for Ragnarok Online players / GameMaster
Do you want make like this one by yourself??
Ragnarok Online (RO) starter
Yeahhh... Now i will teach you how to make like this one~

Oct 28, 2010

Bakar CD korang ~

Main-main je lahh..hahah... orait.. panduan kali ni saya sengaja buat bahasa melayu~ senang skit...
ni kwan nak tau pasal masukkan gambar atau file dlm CD/DVD... ok..
ni cara nya... Korang kena download Nero dlu... dlm Laptop sy ni ~ sy pki Nero 8..
jadi korang cari la yg sama cam aku ke~ nak yg latest Nero...

Lepas download dan Install masuk laptop/PC korang, korang run "Nero StartSmart"
Ni lah Nero StartSmart..korang pki ni senang skit...
Pastu ikut langkah ni..~~

Oct 24, 2010

Make your Ads

 Hello all~~ got new request...  "How to make Ads just like yours~?"
if u scroll down~ here my ads., i make it for promote other link...
My OTHER LINK section
How to make just like this??
Heres the code~

Oct 18, 2010

Make your own animated pic.

Hello all.
Look at this pic...~

 Do you ever think to create animated picture like this one^ for your blog or forum?? Do you wanna know how to create it? Let me teach use how to do it~!

Oct 1, 2010

MOvie Download

Yaps...another question "Where that can i download free movie?"
Well, i suggest u all to visit this URL : http://www.dl4all.com/movies/

just check it out...then u know it...

Tutorial to download this movie.