About Me

Hello all~
Im Al-ezam bin Mohd Talib
Can call me Al, or Ezam...
Stay at KK, Sabah... but now in KL...
This year, im 20 years old.. (birth on 1990)

Hope u like my page~ dont forget to rate it...

Yahh...People always ask me about in my tab (My ComiC)~ Its that your Character?
Of course laa... Thats Me~ In Ragnarok Online, (Malaysia Server) I use xXBEEXx as my name..

Also in My ComiC,   all comic there completely i make it by myself...
In my post , almost 90% are from me... only some i copy it from other blog~
Its okay for me if other blogger copy my post for their blog (but dont forgot to post my blog URL there)..
~ "This all about sharing"~ that my motto here... Thank you for visiting my blog~